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About Me

My Background


How is my background relevant to speaking to students and parents about the ins and outs of college admissions, while saving thousands in the process? 

For one,  I've served as a dean of admissions with Johns Hopkins University and director of student enrollment at The George Washington University. Both top universities with schools and programs that are ranked #1 in the world. My experience spans over 19 years and includes directing admissions and student success departments. Admissions experience is relevant because I can provide insight into the cloaked and secretive application review and acceptance process.   I mention student success because it's another one of my passions. Not only do I want you to accomplish your educational and occupational goals, but I also want to ensure that you succeed as a student at whichever school you chose. 

What if I told you that even if your student has less than stellar grades in high school that I can set them on a path to gain admittance to a top 50 institution.  You'd probably tell me that I'm out of my mind, right. But that's what's so great about my background and knowledge. It's not a sales pitch or foundation-less promise; it's the truth!  

My ultimate goal is to provide students and parents with insight into the inner-workings of top schools, and guide them to take advantage of the institutions need to fill seats. The knowledge I provide will not only save you thousands to tens of thousands but can lead to admittance to top tier institutions that you thought were out of reach. 

My Experience


Apart from being a former dean of admissions, I'm also a member of several professional educational organizations and associations across the country. Each year, I attend and present best practices to help me stay current with trends impacting higher ed (Admissions scandal ring a bell?) to help my clients with college choice, tuition savings, and the admission process. 

About Me


I'm human, and thus I've a life outside of education. When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy coaching and playing soccer with my three children, playing with my beagle, and tinkering with cars. Did I mention home projects? I love the outdoors and enjoy fishing and kayaking.


FREE Introductory Consultation


I offer a complimentary fifteen-minute student assessment service where I review your student's background as it relates to college. After the initial consultation, I will follow up with you to recommend the next steps and an appropriate service model for their needs. After fifteen minutes, I can often tell if my services are the right fit for a student and their future college choice. If it's not a fit, I'll let you know so and provide additional guidance that may help as you proceed. 

Hourly Consultations


I'm available on an hourly and contractual basis to give students and families advice regarding:

  1. Finding the right college
  2. Completing the admissions applications
  3. How to come up to speed with standardized testing 
  4. Creative ways to find pay for school through scholarship and part-time work
  5. Saving money, so your student doesn't have to go into debt
  6. Getting involved in college 
  7. Engaging the right constituents to ensure positive exposure before admissions

Complete Placement Service


I offer a complete service that includes everything from nuts to soup in terms of preparing to apply for a specific institution or institutional type. 

Services include: 

  1. Evaluating the student's academic and extra-curricular record
  2. Setting reachable goals
  3. Maximizing current  talents and exploring undiscovered ones
  4. Advising the student throughout the application process
  5. Gaining access to top colleges and universities without the credentials to do so 
  6. Advocating for the student
  7. Scholarships opportunity guidance
  8. Provide a road-map that saves money

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